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How can I learn more about Dr. Graves' original work?

We maintain a separate website dedicated to Dr. Graves’ at www.claregraves.com. There you’ll see the elements of the work-in-progress that is the Gravesian perspective. You’ll find a number of his papers and links to various organizations that apply the work. In addition, you’ll find papers by William R. Lee, the leading Gravesian archivist, and others that elaborate on the original Gravesian point of view.

The book, Graves: Levels of Human Existence, is based on a transcription by Lee of a presentation made by Dr. Graves at the Washington School of Psychiatry and provides a good introduction to the theory, the research, and includes a reprint from the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, which lays out an early version of the point of view elegantly.

A new book, The Never Ending Quest: Dr. Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature, was released in November, 2005. It contains Dr. Graves' previously unpublished manuscript which discusses the motivation for his research, his methodology, a reconstructed compilation of his remarks about the systems, relationship of his work with other theorists', and some of his remarkable conclusions .

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