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The global network of those who have participated in Spiral Dynamics programs grows every day. To encourage communication and interaction, we maintain this list of people who have completed our Spiral Dynamics courses and sponsor NVCC trainings.

Being listed is optional, so the list is valuable but incomplete. There are many knowledgeable practitioners who chose not to be publicly listed. If you’ve completed our training, check the list for your name. If you’re not listed and would like to be—or vice versa—please contact us.

Course completion is designated with:

  • One asterisk for Spiral Dynamics Level 1 training
  • Two asterisks for Spiral Dynamics Level 2 training
  • CT for Spiral Dynamics Corporate Transformation training


Training Contact: Paramount Training
Dianne Moore**& CT, Paramount Training, Melbourne, Australia

Other affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Marcus Barber**& CT, The Better Results Business, Melbourne, Australia
Jan Bull**, In-House Solution Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Alex Burns**, Melbourne, Australia
Margaret Devlin**& CT, Centre for Organisation Development
Peter Hayward**, Melbourne, Australia
Mark Klaassen**, Communications Plus Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
Victor MacGill**, Dunnedin, New Zealand
Elly Meredith**, VIA Consulting (and Centre for Leadership Studies), Sydney, Australia
Gervase Pearce*, VIA Consulting (and Centre for Leadership Studies), Sydney, Australia


Training Contact: Asisco Management
Kolja Rieffestahl**, Asisco Management, Copenhagen

Other affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Carsten Corneliussen*, Strategix, Copenhagen
Jens Erik Ebbesen*, Phoenix Consulting Group A/S


Training Contact (Corporate and private sector): Core Commit
Drs. Egbert L. Kinds* & CT, CoreCommit, Groningen
Yvon Kinds*, CoreCommit, Groningen

Training Contact (Government and public sector): Management Issues 
Max Herold** & CT, Management Issues, Den Hague

Other affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Rob Geurtsen**, Amsterdam, Robbert's Coachen & Consultancy
Aart Pijl* & CT, Change Company
René Post*& CT, Zanshin Enterprises
Hans Posthumus*,
Edwin Tuyn, Inspired-Mind BV 
Marco Werre* & CT, De Boer & Ritsema van Eck

United Kingdom

Training Contact: The Beyond Partnership
Paul King **, The Beyond Partnership
Marie Faire **, The Beyond Partnership

Other affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Mark Hawkswell**, Kaizam Advanced Development


Affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Fabien Chabreuil**, IDEOdynamic®


Affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Susann Kopp* & CT, Kleinblittersdorf 


Affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Miguel Guzman*& CT 

United States of America

Affiliated Spiral Dynamics users:
Dr. Jerry Beltramo**, NOA Global, Inc., Des Moines, IA, and NVCC Associate
Dr. Tad James*, President, Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Honolulu, HI, and AIH, Irvine, CA
William R. (Bill) Lee, Gravesian Archivist (also see
Dr. Larry Richard*, Altman Weil, Inc., Newtown Square, PA

Please note that inclusion on this listing is a courtesy to facilitate access to people only and indicates attendance at training events or exposure to the Graves/Spiral Dynamics materials. It is not an assurance of quality or competence. Inclusion should not be construed to indicate NVC or NVCC's endorsement or any direct affiliation, unless noted, since persons listed are independent agents and operate outside the organizations' control or monitoring. If you have successfully completed certification training(s) or Gravesian studies with us and wish to be included on this roster, please e-mail your request to receive further instructions.

Other individuals and organizations using the work of Dr. Clare W. Graves, though not necessarily as Spiral Dynamics, can be located on our website.

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