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The Magic of the Metaphor
by Nick Owen

Have you ever needed a story or metaphor to illustrate a point during a presentation? Have you wanted to create a particular atmosphere during training? Do you need to sweep an audience off into their imaginations for a while? If so, the extensive collection in Nick Owen's The Magic of Metaphor (Carmarthen, Wales, Crown House Publishing, , 2001) is for you. Owen has done a wonderful job of collecting many of the better known and less familiar stories from notable NLP trainers and other presenters. He has organized them and included a guide for use. If you were in trance during your NLP training, now is your chance to catch up on those inductions. Astute Gravesians, either with or without the ability to tell a story, will find this book a treasure chest of useful material and wrap-arounds for Spiral-based instruction. Get it before your next group presentation so you can dazzle them!

                                                                                        review by Natasha Todorovic

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